Friday, July 17, 2009

My Official Growth Challenge

I decided to start my growth challenge tomorrow Saturday July 18th through December 18, 2009. That is 5 months in total. I plan to grow my hair out to BSL . If i don't make it, i hope to be very close to probably 1/2 an inch to BSL. I made it to APL in my October 2008 relaxer, but i had to trim my ends. I reached APL again in my April 2009 relaxer, but did not trim. Then i relaxed in June 26, 2009, i was still APL but had to dust my ends which left me grazing APL. It's like i can never hold on to APL! Lol. I always have to trim! But in order to have healthy hair, the ends have to be trimmed. Now i am on a strict journey to grow my hair from grazing APL to BSL by December. I know i can do it. Wish me luck!

I will be adding these exercises to my regimen for maximum growth.

  1. Apply my MN/Jamaican Black Castor oil mixture to my scalp every Saturday & Tuesday
  2. Moisturize with either NTM silk touch or S curl and seal with Jamaican Castor oil twice a day
  3. Protect ends in a protective bun all the time after my hair air dries
  4. Baggy my ends every night before bed
  5. Keep my hair wrapped up in a satin scarf whenever I'm home
  6. Little to no combing/brushing
  7. Take vitamins everyday! No exceptions
Vitamins I will be taking:
  1. Target Brand Hair, Skin & Nails [3 tablets a day]
  2. Fish Oil [1 tablet a day]
  3. Iron [3 tablets a day]
Starting pic


toija said...

i started my new hair challenge on the 5th i do the castor oil and im anemic so i also do the iron but im gonna join u on the other things starting today =-)

LadyTaurus said...

Im also anemic too. Take 2 or 3 iron pills a day. So glad you're following my challenge!