Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Hairstory

Where do you i begin? I guess I'll start with Middle School. I never was the one to have the longest hair out of the bunch, but my hair was pretty thick. The longest i could ever remember it being was shoulder length, and that was when i was in grades 7 all the way through 9. After that, it all went down hill. I got a really bad relaxer in the 10th grade and my stylist gave me a cut up to my jawline to start over new. Guess what? It never grew back lol..My hair has been jawline length for the longest time. I began to think that she couldnt do hair, so i left her salon and started going to the Dominicans in my Senior year of High school. Everybody was talking about the "Dominicans" like they were saviors for hair, so i had to try them out. The first time i went to them, i liked how they did hair, but at the same time, if i knew what i know now about hair, i would have never went to them. Little did i know that they were frying and damaging my hair with thier weekly/bi-weekly blow outs..I never understood why you had to get your roots blown out AFTER a relaxer..i mean, aren't your roots straight enough? How straight do you want them to get? They put highlights in my hair and did not use the proper treatment to maintain the color nor the health of my hair. You know how color is bad for your hair right? You need that extra TLC to get it in shape..and they never did that. I've been going to them for a year. When my 1 year anniversary of me going to the Dominicans came, i looked at photos of myself for that past year and realized my hair stayed the same..I was tired of having the same length, i was tired of the damage, i was tired of the heat, i was tired of spending $23 dollars for a wash and set every 2 weeks in return for no growth/progress. So, i rested my hair with micro braids, and tried to find ways to make my hair healthy. But i was stuck and needed serious guidance. I did a google search and found a website called Growafrohairlong.com..and the rest is history, lol. To make a long story short, i started from jawline length, and i am currently at APL. My hair would have been longer, but i like to trim so i can have thick ends. Who knew that i could make my hair healthy without having to depend on a stylist? The only thing i like about the Dominicans is how they apply relaxers, which is the only time i ever go them . I get a relaxer 3 times a year.

Before= 11/18/06
After= 7/6/09


S-hair said...

WOW....some progress!!!! Fantastic

Miss Alexis Shawn said...

hello. how often do you use direct heat on your hair?

LadyTaurus said...

Thanks S-hair!

LadyTaurus said...

Alexis, i use direct heat on my hair every time i get a relaxer, which is like 2 or 3 times a year. My hair really benefited and got a lot more thicker than it already is =]